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Introducing The Patek Philippe Aquanaut Ref. 5168G

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Patek Philippe Aquanaut Ref. 5168G

This year, Patek Philippe celebrates the 20th anniversary of its sporty Aquanaut collection that had its debut in Basel in 1997.

The brand has planned several premieres, the first being the new Aquanaut Ref. 5168G which is the first men’s Aquanaut wristwatch in 18K white gold. With its somewhat warmer hue, it clearly sets itself apart from stainless steel. But as with the other Aquanaut models (and the Nautilus watches), the design of the gently rounded octagonal bezel with vertically satin-finished flats and chamfered polished flanks remains unchanged.

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Introducing The Moritz Grossmann ATUM Date

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Moritz Grossmann ATUM Date

Moritz Grossmann expands its ATUM line with a new model with date indication and we have to say that the German brand could not have chosen a better display for this horological complication.

The complete date scale from 1 to 31 is displayed around the circumference of the dial of the new ATUM Date but instead of using a central hand, which could conflict with the hour and minute hands, the date is indicated via an unusually shaped bracket marker starting from the circumference.

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Introducing The MeisterSinger Salthora Meta X

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MeisterSinger Salthora Meta X

Famous for its single hand watches, MeisterSinger introduced the Salthora in 2014: in this model the single hand only indicates the minutes leaving the hour indication to a “jumping hour” round display at 12 o’clock. When 60 minutes have passed, the next number appears in the window in a flash and a soft tick lets you know the change even without having to look at the dial.

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The Patek Philippe New Reference 5320G Perpetual Calendar

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new Reference 5320G Perpetual Calendar

The Patek Philippe novelty that probably attracted more attention at Baselworld 2017 is the new Reference 5320G Perpetual Calendar, i. e. a timepiece that automatically indicates months with 28, 30, and 31 days and every four years also recognizes the 29th of February as a leap day.

This new complication watch has the same face that has been Patek Philippe’s paragon for perpetual calendars since 1941: a double aperture for the day and month displays at 12 o’clock and a subsidiary dial at 6 o’clock for the analog date and the moon phases.

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