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4 Ways To Wear The Clé de Cartier

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Clé de Cartier Skeleton dress watch

It turns out the Chris Edwards from Oscar Hunt Tailors has something of a knack for finding the right threads to go with the right wristwear. Not only has he tailored a suit to perfectly match a watch, he’s also given us some solid advice on how to wear a gold watch with grace and style. So we decided to test Chris’s sartorial skills one more time, finding four distinct looks for four versions of a most distinctive watch – the Clé de Cartier.

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Oscar Hunt Tailors Watch News

Watch News(VIDEO): Oscar Hunt Tailors design a suit to match the Clé de Cartier

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Clé de Cartier Wrist watch


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When comes to this idea, it lead to the compelling and faintly ridiculous at once. Ask Oscar Hunt Tailors, who specialise in made to measure suits, to tailor a suit to a watch. That’s right. Treat a watch like a person – look at its shoulders, its shape and move to accentuate, flatter and embrace it with perfectly matched suiting. Not just any watch, though; the Cartier Clé de Cartier, one of our favourite releases of 2015, which charms with its ‘shape in shape’ case design, quite a breach from Cartier’s usually faithful one-shape story. It presents a soft geometric curve surrounding a circular dial and evokes Cartier’s spirit of classic elegance as well as Felix said at the time, while giving a nod to the bold designs that characterised ’60s and ’70s watch design.” The mission was simple enough. The fact that is full of thought whatever the response required.

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HOW TO: Master the difference between watchspotting and stalking

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Globemaster bezel watch

Editor’s Note: A few years ago, I wrote this piece for all I feel compelled to add is this: learn your bracelets. And read it now. If you can tell a Jubilee from a Link, or if you can spot the subtle differences between a Bulgari, Vacheron and Audemars Piguet bracelet, you’re well and truly on your way to the brand and model. Stay safe out there spotters, nobody likes a stalker.

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Reviews IN-DEPTH: Is this the next evolution of Hublot-The Big Bang Meca-10

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The story in a second

New movement + new look = new ball game?

Meccano-inspired Big Bang Meca-10 was  describe  as a ‘transitional object’ by its Hublot. It’s an interesting choice of phrase. You could take it literally and assume that Hublot are referring to the watch as a way for people who obsessed about Meccano and technical constructions when they were younger to move into some more grown up gadgets. Or you could interpret that it’s talking about a transitional object for Hublot the brand, and their design language. We are erring on the side of the latter. You see, we think the Big Bang Meca-10 is quite an important watch. With a deep new movement (that isn’t a chronograph) and a look that somehow seems even more confident and assured, we can’t help but wonder if this the start of the next chapter of Big Bang?

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