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A Review Of Zenith El Primero Original 1969 Watch

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A Review Of Zenith El Primero Original 1969 Watch

Not all chronographs are created equal – and if there ever was one to rightfully claim to be superior to at least most of the others, then that’s the El Primero caliber. The Zenith El Primero Original 1969 watch, contrary to its name, is a relatively new piece from Zenith, albeit one that promises to remain authentic to an original design with which Zenith debuted its remarkable chronograph movement family. read more


Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar Watch Review

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Welcome to the light-powered T-Touch, with the newer Tissot T-Touch Expert Solar. I’ve had a love affair with the Tissot T-Touch for well over a decade now (it originally came out back in 1999). Very few modern watches have remained as cool for as long. The T-Touch is easily the most popular type of Tissot you’ll see on people’s wrists, and many watch lovers have or have had at least one. When the Tissot T-Touch originally came out, it was difficult not to be mesmerized by its sapphire crystal touch screen. Offering similar functionality as Casio’s popular Pathfinder (now Pro Trek) collection of outdoors/hiking watches with their “ABC” functionality (altimeter, barometer, compass), the Tissot T-Touch offered the same, with a slick analog/digital dial, with hands that repositioned themselves in order to show the various functions along with the digital screen.
There have been many “ana-digi” dialed watches over the years, and many agree that Tissot’s T-Touch collection is perhaps the king. That is even the case after all these years. Of course, Tissot hasn’t sat on its laurels with the T-Touch. We’ve seen an amazing variety of T-Touch models over the years, and along the way, Tissot has remedied some of the technical issues early T-Touch models had (such as water resistance issues). The ultimate water resistant T-Touch came with the Tissot Sea-Touch. read more

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Review Heuer Carrera 2447S

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#TBT Heuer Carrera 2447S

It’s hard to fault my Dad’s comment about the Heuer Carrera; it is one of the most attractive and iconic chronographs ever designed and I’ll later go into some depth about the details.Even though increasing interest in all things Heuer, the 2447 really is the model that set the stage for the (TAG) Heuer that exists today. Everything from the current Carrera line to the racing advertising that TAG uses today has roots in this model. I’d  argue that there are many other chronographs that owe their designs to this landmark model as well. Therefore, let’s dig in a touch and learn about the details, how this piece was sourced, and how I “curated” the package. read more


Reviewing Stowa Partitio

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Stowa Partitio

When one thinks of Stowa luxury watch price , there are a few Stowa  men watches that immediately spring to mind. Front and center are the iconic Fliegers, followed closely by their Marine chronometers and the Antea series. But there is another watch in Stowa’s catalogue that almost never gets mentioned, overshadowed by its more popular siblings: the Partitio Klassik. The Partitio is the hidden gem of Stowa’s lineup–a classically styled 3-hander that may offer their greatest value, especially given today’s favorable exchange rates for American buyers. As of this writing, the Partitio is 579 EUR excluding VAT (690 EUR with), which is approximately $667 USD. read more


Eterna Royal KonTiKi Chronograph Review

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New Release:Eterna Royal KonTiKi Chronograph

For 2016, Eterna will release what will perhaps be the nicest version of the “new” Royal KonTiki yet – with these Eterna Royal KonTiki Chronograph watches. All Eterna Royal KonTiki watches currently use forms of Eterna’s very nice in-house made Caliber 39 (which our David Bredan thoroughly detailed here). Eterna boasted that the Caliber 39 was designed with over 80 different potential layouts in mind, and this chronograph dial is just one of them. read more