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Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Introduces New BR03-92 Black Camo Watch

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Luxury French watchmaker Bell & Ross is known for creating strong, combat-ready camouflage watches. The brand’s military roots serve as the cornerstone of their brand. Bell & Ross has developed several stealthy camouflage watches for several professional elite military units including the Search, Assistance, Intervention, Deterrence Unit, which is a specialised branch of the French National Police Force. read more

Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Celebrates it’s Alliance with Renault F1 Racing Through Their Finest Watches

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Many great companies out there who now make some of the greatest products in the world, began as contractors for those who relied on their equipment to do their jobs or save their lives: like those at all levels of the military and others who worked for the government. Their products had to always be as accurate as possible and rarely, if ever, fail. It wasn’t about the money, people’s lives depended on it. That’s how the watch company Bell & Ross began and why they are considered one of the best watch companies on the market today, by designing accurate and durable watches for pilots who were flying at extreme speeds, heights and temperatures. read more

Bell & Ross

Bell & Ross Release Desert Type Series

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Hailing from France, Bell & Ross are known very distinctively as the company that make chronometers that would most likely outlast a nuclear apocalypse. Their timepieces, which are made specifically for aeronautical and maritime use, specifically very, very, very deep-sea diving (one model even boasting hydraulic liquid within the casing to withstand the pressures of a kilometre below sea level), are of their own particular ilk and the brand have spent the last 25 years collecting many fans of their practical designs worldwide. read more

Bell & Ross

Baselworld 2017 Watch Round-Up – Part 2

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Baselworld 2017 has already given us some truly exciting and innovative timepieces, and Day 2 has not failed on that front. With further exploration of deep-sea timepieces, to clear respects to the watches of yesteryear, these are the best and the brightest that Day 2 of Baselworld has to offer.

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Bell & Ross BR03-92 Diver – Bell & Ross Conquer the Deep

Diving watches seem to be a common theme across this year’s Baselworld, and Bell & Ross have made sure they’re in on the action as well. The BR03-92 Diver is the brand’s first ever square diving bell ross br 123 gmt and reaches 42mm in length, featuring a subtle date aperture and bi-directional bezel. It runs on an automatic movement and, most importantly, boasts a waterproofness of 300m, making it perfect for any deep sea adventure. read more

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Car And Watch Spotting In Havana Starring A Cartier Santos Dumont And Beautiful Old-Timer Cars

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In 1906, aviation pioneer Alberto Santos-Dumont flew 60 meters in a biplane he named the 14-bis.

On his wrist was Cartier’s first wristwatch, simultaneously the world’s first pilot’s watch. This timepiece was created in 1904 especially for Santos-Dumont by his good friend Louis Cartier after he had previously complained to the jeweler how difficult it was for him to check his pocket watch during flight. read more