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The Bulgari Boss Brought $750k of Watches into Office

The Bulgari Daniel Roth Carillon Tourbillon

It’s done. But there’s no other way to describe the way the CEO of Bulgari visited our offices. He did it breezily – the leadup was one or two emails, a request to book a place for lunch – but completely like the boss of an Italian luxury powerhouse that he is. In addition to his own presence, augmented always by perfect, perfect suiting, he brought some wonderfully complicated and impressive watches to showcase Bulgari’s latest gains in high horology. And, with the mechanical treasures came muscle, in the form of two 6-foot-something units. Oh, what a day. Starring the Daniel Roth L’Ammiraglio Del Tempo Minute Repeater, the Octo Finissimo Tourbillon and the Daniel Roth Carillon Tourbillon.

The Bulgari Daniel Roth Carillon Tourbillon

“Can you hear that?” Andrew McUtchen from Time+Tide and Bulgari CEO Jean-Christophe Babin marvel at the astonishing resonance of Bulgari’s Daniel Roth Carillon Tourbillon

The Bulgari Daniel Roth Carillon Tourbillon

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