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Overview The Cartier 2017 SIHH Collection

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Cartier Drive Extra Flat pink gold

Well! Believe that both you and me, we were pretty happy with Cartier’s SIHH 2017 collection. And no, not just because the re-release of the Panthère gives us carte blanche to post this picture of Pierce Brosnan in his ’80s prime:

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No, it’s because we’re all big fans of the Drive, and the powers that be in Cartier’s product development team saw fit to bless us with two very handsome new versions – one with a moon phase, and an extra-flat version that is, in our not-so-humble opinion, stripped-back perfection. Our only problem with it? The lack of a steel version. Let’s just say our fingers are crossed for next year. read more

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The Catier Drive de Cartier Extra Flat

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Drive de Cartier Extra Flat

One of the standout watches of last year was the Drive de Cartier. The collection impressed with its assured case shape – a pleasing blend of robustness and classicism that, for many, epitomised what Cartier is all about.

Well, the Extra Flat takes things a few steps further, removing any and all extraneous elements from the Drive and making it even more sublime. What do we mean? For starters the watch is, well, flat. At 6.6mm thick it’s some 40 per cent more slender than the regular automatic Drive – a feat achieved largely thanks to the manually wound caliber 430MC (based on the Piaget 430P). Cartier has also made the case a touch smaller (39mm), removed the small seconds and foregone their usual guilloche on the dial. read more

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An ’80s Icon Back on the Prowl: The new Panthère de Cartier

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Panthere de Cartier

First launched in the 1980s, it sat well with the cultural cues of the time: big hair, shoulder pads, Dynasty. No one was quite sure what to expect at SIHH this year, so it was a thrill to see Cartier getting on the front foot with a female-focused re-release of the Panthère de Cartier. Charlie Sheen’s character, Bud Fox, wore one in Wall Street. And one of our favourite photographs shows the Panthère on the wrist of a fresh-faced, blow-dried Pierce Brosnan, accessorised with a pinky ring and a luxuriant pectoral thatch, his top four buttons left undone, as was standard in the era. That, friends, was how you rocked a Panthère. read more

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Introducing The Cartier Hypnose Watch

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The ubiquitous Melbourne coffee shot never looked so refined thanks to the medium Hypnose in pink gold

Today, we share with you here about the Tia Fox talks about the Cartier Hypnose collection, to let us know exactly what she thought of the three models she tested out. Now, let’s have a look at below video.

My first impression of the three watches was… that they were stunning at first sight, which was a lovely surprise. The whole line is very beautiful and feminine. read more

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Introducing The History of Cartier Through Shaped-Watches

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cartier shaping elegance

Jeweler-watchmaker or watchmaker-jeweller, Cartier excels in both. From this rich tradition, and as evidenced again recently with the introduction of the Drive, the Parisian Maison has drawn an unrivalled legacy in creating fascinating shaped watches. Monochromes brings together some of the most iconic Cartier masterpieces born from a unique perception of masculine elegance: sheer dandyism and the mastery of shapes. read more