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Good Looking Automatic For The People: The Seiko Presage SPB039J1 2016 review (Video)

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seiko presage spb039j1 Men's wristwatch


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At their packed Baselworld press conference Seiko announced that 2016 was to be the year of their middle-tier Presage collection. The lion’s share of attention has been on the truly excellent limited edition Presage Chronograph, but there’s a lot to love in the rest of the collection too.

Presage honours the spirit of fine mechanical watchmaking that Seiko is well known for, but at a price point that’s far from prohibitive. Take for example the good looking three-hander that is the Seiko Presage SPB039J1 – not only do you get a quite handsome dress watch (with such a catchy name!), you get all the advantages of Seiko’s ‘Trimatic’ technology. This comprises of the magic lever (for efficient winding), Spron alloy (for stronger and longer lasting springs) and Dia-Shock (Seiko’s shock resistance technology). The watches in the Presage collection are a cut above Seiko’s popularly priced mechanicals in terms of movement quality and finishing, but the pricing, as you can see, is still highly competitive. read more

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Wrist or pocket? Which Tissot will reign supreme?

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tissot wrist or pocket watch

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Andrew and I took part in a somewhat unusual, and entirely self-imposed, challenge at last week. Andrew, typically a wearer of more modern timepieces tried the 45mm Heritage 1936 on for size and I gave my wrists a break entirely to properly experience the Bridgeport pocket watch. We were both outside our comfort zones, full of thoughts, feelings and even emotions. Luckily Ash was on hand to capture our pre-work ruminations on video. Fair warning though, I get all philosophical, even going so far as to question the nature of time. read more