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Michael Schumacher Omega Speedmaster Vintage Watches Racing Pedigree Offered At Excellent Values

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Among fans of F1, the title Michael Schumacher is spoken in hushed, reverent tones, for this goes to some guy who, even just in this contemporary chronilogical age of hyperbole, can rightfully be known as a racing legend and, possibly, the finest driver ever. Active from 1991 to 2006 and again from 2010 to 2012, the German driver won seven F1 (F1) World Titles, supports the record for many victories (91), as well as in 2002 grew to become the only real driver in F1 history to complete within the top three in each and every race inside a season (smashing the record for many consecutive podium finishes at the same time), among other achievements. It’s no surprise, therefore, he was contacted by Omega to become brand ambassador for that Swiss watch manufacturing company, lending his title and influence to a number of special models of the legendary Speedmaster selection. Though no more created, fans from the series will discover that around the second-hands market, these watches represent excellent value in comparison with other lines of used Omega Speedmaster watches and therefore are a very good way to mix two passions into one: racing and watches. read more


Happy Perpetual Calendar Day Hands-Up with the Brand New Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Tourbillon Cylindrique à Quantième Perpétuel

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Today is March first, also called your day the earth’s perpetual calendar proprietors get to demonstrate their items. So, in celebration of the, we are demonstrating among the slickest perpetuals to become introduced in 2015 to date.

JLC had another really strong showing at SIHH 2015, balancing the classic using the incredible. Leaning more along the side of the second is that this beauty, named the actual Grande Tradition Tourbillon Cylindrique à Quantieme Perpetual – brevity has not been strength of Jaeger-LeCoultre. Title aside, this watch offers quite a bit to provide for both the apparatus-heads and individuals who simply appreciate natural splendor. And, this watch is packing far more than you may imagine even initially. read more

Harry Winston

Harry Winston Histoire De Tourbillon 6 Watch

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Harry Winston has lately introduced another chapter within their Histoire p Tourbillon line, the Harry Winston Histoire P Tourbillon 6. It’s typically probably the most complicated watches, but launched using the smallest amount of functional illustrations – you suspected it: one front view. To sum everything up here real quick: a triple-axis tourbillon, another karussel, 683 parts, two time signs, resetting on the job the 2nd indication, carriage stop around the karussel, over 80 hrs of energy reserve, along with a monstrous 55-millimeter situation. Take everything into consideration, and you’ll understand why it baffles me why such halo pieces – because, in the end, such releases would be the epitome of halo releases – are first showed with only just one front look at the timepiece. Illustration-rant over, we are able to move onto similarly mind-dazzling, although a lot more interesting issues now – from the mechanical kind!

The left hands side from the highly asymmetrical Harry Winston Histoire p Tourbillon 6 dial is, obviously, centered through the triple-axis tourbillon, hidden under what seems to become a bulbous azure very as well as an arched bridge acquiring the whole mechanism. It is a fast animal too: the innermost carriage that consists of the total amount wheel and escapement pinion includes a 45-second rotation cycle, the intermediate carriage includes a 75-second rotation cycle, as the outer carriage takes 300 seconds to create a full rotation. Minimal common multiple of individuals figures is 900, meaning it requires around fifteen minutes for that balance wheel revisit its original position. Quite simply, the total amount wheel occupies exactly the same position only four occasions every hour. read more

Reef Tiger

The so-called Classic Fusion means the perfect fusion of classic and modern

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The so-called Classic Fusion means the perfect fusion of classic and modern, of tradition and fashion, and of inner and outer beaut3y. Actually, it’s not just a normal word we used to say, because Reef Tiger has devoted itself to making such kind wrist watches of good quality. Classic Fusion, one of brands of the Classico series of Reef Tiger, has almost satisfied these requirements of fusion. Therefore it’s definitely worthwhile to possess Classic Fusion. The outstanding appearance and excellent performance both make you surprised. As a men’s watch, Classic Fusion is completely the best choice for numerous gentlemen.

In order to express the temperament of solemnness and grace, the diameter of the wrist watch is only 38 millimeters, not very big size but it’s already enough. The whole design is very elegant, showing strongly the wearer’s gentleness and different taste. The main color of the wrist watch is silver, because the case, bracelet, crown and clasp are made from stainless steel, always shinning charming luster. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that your beloved watch will get rusted if getting water. From this point, we can say this watch is totally designed for convenience and strong durability. read more

Jorg Gray

Jorg Gray JG1900 Watch Review

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Jorg Gray

Jorg Gray is the company that makes the JG6500 watch. You might know it as the President Obama watch, because it is the watch that he wears most of the time. This little fact has catapulted an otherwise small watch company into a phenomenon. So I am going to share with you other watches that they make over the nest few weeks. One thing that Jorg Gray specializes in is making good quality watches based on popular designs, but at much lower costs. This is needed in the market for at least one important reason. I often find myself discovering new watches and really liking them for being unique of eye catching. When I learn the price I am discouraged because I can’t afford them, or won’t spend that type of money on a watch that I know I would not wear daily. So when Jorg Gray discovers this fact, they go about creating their own version that is similar, and affordable. So now I get to have that cool design I see myself wearing when I feel the need, but I don’t have to digest the thought of a big investment. read more