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Presenting the Chanel Mademoiselle Prive Moon and Comet Watch

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Although Chanel is a luxury fashion brand, we cannot deny the fact that the company do well in the watchmaking industry. And here I would like to show you one of my favorite watch from Chanel, really delicate and pretty.

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Chanel extended certainly one of its most glamorous collections having a beautiful Mademoiselle Prive Moon and Comet watch, offering a distinctive interface, marked by high luxury that barely any lady can resist. The concept that stands behind the Mademoiselle Prive Collection would be to take objects and symbols that Coco Chanel loved to surround herself and employ them because the primary motifs of amazing feminine watches. This novelty presents a night sky, included in stars, a sleepy moon face along with a falling comet. The imaginative spectacle is presented with sparkling gemstones, giving a powerful glamorous touch that’s the signature from the exclusive French brand. read more