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If you are familiar with the Greek alphabet, then you probably already know that”omega” stands for greatness and perfection. If you are a luxury watch fan, then you can definitely understand why this name is acceptable for a few of the most famous timepieces on the planet. There are many reasons why Omega watches are a few of the most dominant from the luxury timepiece industry, and why they are among the most popular. List most of them will take ages! So, we’ve selected the top 10 most intriguing facts about the Swiss watch maker and how they have gained worldwide fame. Let’s begin!
The organization got its start in 1848 when Louis Brandt founded a watchmaking business in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. But it wasn’t initially named Omega. Nearly 20 decades later, the father and sons team made a brand new mechanical watch movement that has been the apex of accuracy with an ease of repair and maintenance that has been unprecedented. The movement received worldwide success. Can you imagine the title of it? That is right- this movement was known as the Omega Caliber. Due to its massive success, in 1903 Brandt and his sons chose to re-brand their business as Omega.
Ever since its heritage Omega has been on the quest to achieving chronometric precision and accuracy. All these chronometric marathons were like the Olympics of watchmaking. Top producers competed against one another and the winners earned considerable publicity and bragging rights. Omega was always a strong contender. In the 1931 Geneva Observatory trials, Omega received the first place trophy in all six categories. Later that exact same year, the widely recognized company adopted the motto”Omega- Precise time for life,” an advertising effort which was well deserved. The business garnered a reputation of making precise, innovative timepieces; their quest for ultimate precision was a success. read more