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Why buy Seiko Astron watches?

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Seiko watches have improved a lot over the years. Listed below are four 1. One of the significant facets of the Seiko Astron is its own GPS functionality. Unlike other watches, a GPS geo-location feature that may find you anywhere is used by the Seiko Astron.
  1. Intricate Cosmetic Characteristics
A Zara-scouring finish case is provided by the Seiko Astron together with a coating glass which achieves a allure. This aesthetic makes watch fans alike, and the collection a selection for celebrities, athletes.
  1. Numerous Functionality in 1 Piece
Besides the GPS feature that is geo-location, the Seiko Astron supplies an array of functions that are best for your day-to-day life. For example, it has and lets you change to another from one time-zone. 4. Thanks to the invention of motors for all three palms of the Seiko Astron watches, an individual may change to another with the maximum rate possible from one time-zone. Besides, its Calibre 35 A offers excellent precision, which is far better than any motion.

Filson and Shinola team up on Baselworld’s most rugged looking watch line review

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At a watch fair stuffed with watches so costly so delicate that you would be afraid to wear them out of the home, it is refreshing to see something a little more rugged on the racks. This year at Baselworld 2015, Seattle bag manufacturer Filson announced it was getting into the watch game for the very first time with a series of 25 timepieces. Even better, each has been designed by the group in Detroit-based watchmaker Shinola (and powered by Shinola’s Argonite moves ) – collaborations don’t come much more American than that. read more

Bell & Ross

about Bell & Ross BR 05 Gold

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Lately, Bell & Ross introduced a new group of luxury watches known as the BR 05 collection. This lineup is the most recent addition to this in the ongoing set of fashionable and contemporary wristwatches of the brand.

Unlike the majority of Bell & Ross’ previous timepieces that concentrate on a specific theme, the BR 05 has been an watch in and of itself. Thanks to their sharp anybody, and sleek design can fit them. Moreover, they help in making you stand out wherever you go. read more


Introducing the Timex X Nigel Cabourn Survival Watch affordable

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Yellow alert: vogue designer Nigel Cabourn has once again teamed up with everyman watch brand Timex to create another combat-ready edition motivated by his lifelong fascination with military apparel.
Long-time horophile Cabourn is often seen wearing a military Lemania and an IWC MK XII pilot’s watch simultaneously so as to keep track of time equally at home in the North East and together with his team in Japan.
Elements of the IWC’s dial affected the Nam edition and the new Survival watch, which takes its urgent yellowish hue in the Ministry Of War Transport seaman’s protective suit which features from the designer’s collection of over 4,000 pieces of military clothing.
Cabourn also drew inspiration from other survival devices, such as life rafts, life vests as well as the Ventile attachments utilized around the immersion suits which helped save the lives of RAF pilots and crew after emergency landings in”the drink”. read more


For almost two decades, the watch industry has almost forgotten it.

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After Rolex ceased selling the Milgauss, it was 19 years. Nobody ever expected Rolex to revive. That is why a lot of people shocked when they declared that a comeback. They even released it to celebrate the completion of the Large Hadron Collider to pay homage to its connection with mathematics. Throughout Baselworld 2007, the Swiss manufacturer introduced a revamped look of this Rolex Milgauss. Them surprised. The Milgauss appeared a bit different than the traditional Rolex versions that were classy. “Fun”,”quirky”, and”bizarre” would be the words you may use to describe them. It arrived in three versions. The next one was an anniversary edition. It had a black dial with a sapphire crystal. We’ll get to the GV later! Its appearance was a blend of its predecessors, although the new iteration seemed somewhat unique. It borrowed the rectangle hour markers from the Ref. 1019. On the flip side, it inherited the Ref. The lightning bolt of 6453 seconds hand. However, this time, they gave it an electrifying orange colour. 2007 was another age while the 38mm size of the older Rolex Milgauss was considered large throughout the 50s and 60s. To keep up with the times, they gave a frame — 40mm to the model of Rolex Milgauss. But its size wasn’t the only update. The Ref. 116400 was armed with the COSC-certified Calibre 3131. This innovation made it the very first Rolex Milgauss to possess anti-magnetic technology from the movement. Besides that, its parts are manufactured from materials. This made the watch resistant to more than 1,000 Gauss. To add more fun into the Rolex Milgauss, they engraved the shield with a distinctive text. Regrettably, you cannot view it. You would need to request a certified Rolex watchmaker to access it. Along with the rebirth of the Rolex Milgauss lineup, the brand also included a special anniversary edition called the Ref. 116400GV. The last two letters stand for “Glace Verte.” In English, it means”green “. If you are thinking that Rolex became too lazy to do their attorneys overlooked it, then you’re wrong. The brand that is Swiss asserts that it’s so tough to make that it is not possible to replicate it. To demonstrate their assurance, Rolex didn’t etch the crown logo. For other versions, this can be a indication that the watch is imitation. True enough, no additional watchmaker has copied it. Z-Blue For the Rolex Milgauss line, the newest introduced a new colour in 2014. They called it the Z-Blue dial. Its electric dial can be tinted with green crystal such as the model and was coated with zirconium. This has captured the hearts of many watch enthusiasts and is one of the versions in the catalogue. The Rolex Milgauss may have come off to a shaky beginning. The line was almost murdered by the low sales of its very first versions. But despite the setbacks, the Milgauss came. Its rarity even led to the growth in its value. Really, its quirky looks cannot please everybody. There is not any denying that this watch reflects the technological innovation that Rolex is really capable of. And this is what makes the Rolex Milgauss a collector’s item. Now, it is one of the most sought after models of Rolex.