May 23, 2024

The so-called Classic Fusion means the perfect fusion of classic and modern, of tradition and fashion, and of inner and outer beaut3y. Actually, it’s not just a normal word we used to say, because Reef Tiger has devoted itself to making such kind wrist watches of good quality. Classic Fusion, one of brands of the Classico series of Reef Tiger, has almost satisfied these requirements of fusion. Therefore it’s definitely worthwhile to possess Classic Fusion. The outstanding appearance and excellent performance both make you surprised. As a men’s watch, Classic Fusion is completely the best choice for numerous gentlemen.
Reef-tiger Reef-tiger
In order to express the temperament of solemnness and grace, the diameter of the wrist watch is only 38 millimeters, not very big size but it’s already enough. The whole design is very elegant, showing strongly the wearer’s gentleness and different taste. The main color of the wrist watch is silver, because the case, bracelet, crown and clasp are made from stainless steel, always shinning charming luster. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that your beloved watch will get rusted if getting water. From this point, we can say this watch is totally designed for convenience and strong durability.

The reason why we call Classic Fusion is that the wrist watch combines lots of traditional and classic features. First, the bezel is rounded design, the most represent of tradition and classic. It’s full and mellow. Secondly, the bracelet is not made from some kind genuine leather but from stainless steel, very comfortable to wear it. And the date display that reflects power and noble is also proper in the bezel. And the delicate hands are made like small swords, sticking firmly to the case. These details all reflect the designers’ seriousness and originality of Reef Tiger. As for the heart of a wrist watch, Classic Fusion uses self-wingding automatic movement, which is of high quality and durable.

And the bezel is very simple with small but clear index, so it’s very convenient to read the specific time under normal conditions. Classic Fusion is absolutely not only a beautiful watch, but also a good watch that works precisely. One of the reflection is the adoption of natural sapphire crystal case, scratch-resistant and anti-reflected. Of course, the basic function is to protect your watch. Another trait expressing Classic Fusion’ s uniqueness lies in the decoration. There are 24 jewel in the bezel, brilliant and gorgeous. Therefore, it’s not only a wrist watch, but also a decoration for those pursuing a better and decent life.