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Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Original Watch Sale

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This is not the first Engineer Hydrocarbon watch Ball has generated, but they do call it the”First” After a few decades maybe not covering a Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon timepiece, I am now happy to have a look at the fresh Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Original. Not only is that the mention DM2118B-SCJ-BK Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Original a good-looking timepiece, but in addition, it integrates a lot of desirable technology, both inside outside and. While the”First” is not overpriced, it is not a budget timepiece and comprehension where its worth comes from demands a little bit of study. read more

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The Apple Watch – Geek Appeal vs. Snob Appeal

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One fact stood out at Monday’s Apple press event and that is that the Cupertino-based tech behemoth is aiming for two distinct groups with its first wearable device: geeks and status seekers. The former will buy the entry-level Apple Sport or Apple Watch for all the health features and cool apps while the latter will be forking over thousands of bucks for the 18k gold Edition version because it’s the latest pricey status symbol.



The geek appeal


There are other wearable devices that let you track your level of activity, heart rate and other fitness-related info but the Apple Watch has an app called Research Kit that allows the user to actually participate in medical research by joining others from all over the world to take part in studies of various conditions like diabetes and breast cancer.

For those fans of Dick Tracy movies that have wished for a wrist radio they can talk into, the Apple Watch comes pretty close since users can receive calls without reaching for their iPhones as well as check notifications and buy things via Apple Pay.

Unfortunately Apple did not succeed in greatly increasing the battery life, which still stands at a meager 18 hours. On the bright side, there are multiple faces to choose from including the look of a classic Mickey Mouse watch.


 The snob appeal


With the release of the Apple Watch Edition the tech company has staked its claim on the worlds of luxury and high fashion. At $10,000 to $17,000 each Apple isn’t likely to sell a huge number of the 18k gold smartwatch, but at those prices they don’t have to. The deluxe smartwatch will be available in “limited quantities” but Apple has not specified exactly how limited.

It’s a sure thing that status-conscious celebrities will be among the first to snap up these golden baubles the minute they go on sale, even though some of them will probably never figure out what the apps actually do because it’s the looks that count.

Dan Ward is a wearable tech expert and co-founder of mobile app development firm Detroit Labs. He expects the Apple Watch to be a big hit with the fashionistas. “Maybe they didn’t meet the hype of hard-core tech folks, but I think they met the hype of fashion folks. They’ve created a device that’s desirable. Design will sell, and Apple’s products are gorgeous. They’re not different from other products out there in terms of functionality, but they’re beautiful devices with beautiful materials.”

However, there is one group that is likely to be slow warming up to the idea of investing thousands of dollars in a smartwatch, even one by Apple, and that is the hard core lover of fine Swiss timepieces.

“The thing with Rolex and Omega watches though is they’re investment pieces,” Ward pointed out. “They don’t lose value. It’ll be interesting to see if Apple Watch can do that, because in a year when they announce Apple Watch 2, people might think it wasn’t a good $10K investment…. It’ll be obsolete.”




Apple will start previewing the smartwatch in stores and taking pre-orders on April 10 and the device will go on sale April 24 in eight countries.

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The innovator: Nixon’s Android Wear Smartwatch

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Nixon’s Android Wear Smartwatch

The smartwatch market is still at an initial stage, and yet to be mainstream. There are a lot of developments appearing in the area, just like VR. But although there are lots of major players like Samsung, Apple, and Huawei involved, the smartwatch market has already experienced its first decline during the first quarter of 2016. In a volatile market like this, innovations and developments from various companies are necessary to keep the market steady. Just in time, Nixon’s Mission smartwatch has reportedly cleared FCC certification process. The Nixon Mission is one of the new breed of Android Wear-based smartwatches about to launch, along with the high-end Michael Kors smartwatch.

The Nixon Mission is more sports-oriented in its functionality with apps like Surfline, Snocountry and Trace pre-installed but surprisingly lacks a heart rate sensor. The smartwatch features a circular 1.39-inch AMOLED screen, with a resolution of 400 x 400 and pixel density of 406 PPI. The display can show a digital representation of various popular Nixon watch-faces like the 51-30, The Sentry, The Player, The Ranger and The Unit, making the device a favorite choice for watch lovers. The smartwatch will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100, a first of its kind partnership with Qualcomm and has a storage capacity of 4GB and 512MB of RAM. There is also a speaker and a mic covered with a flap to prevent water and dust from getting in. The smartwatch runs on Android 6.0 though this can only be verified when the watch hits the market. Like standard smartwatches, it is certified IP68 water resistant and dust proof. The device also supports Bluetooth 4.1 LE and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. It is powered by a 400 mAh cell, charged magnetically.

The new smartwatch is built with a stainless steel bezel and polycarbonate body allowing it to be sturdy and light at the same time, perfect for sports activities. The colors available have not been disclosed yet although the band will be swappable. The photos published in FCC show off the watch in black, but more colors are likely to be made available when the Mission is launched. About 20 bands and 15 bezel options will also be made available to complement the look of the smartwatch. The quick start guide and the manual are available in the FCC filing as well. The base model of the watch is expected to be priced at $399. No exact launch date is available although the official site mentions that the launch will be in the fall season, and users can register to become notified from their site on launch. The watch will also come pre-installed with the Mission app, which allows the user to monitor conditions for surfing, and also tracks their runs. The Mission is the first smartwatch targeted at a particular group of users. Although the smartwatch market has shown a decline in sales, manufacturers are gearing up, with the Google Nexus smartwatch, and Android Wear 2.0 on the horizon.

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Sport Watches: New Bulova Accutron II UHF For Baselworld 2015

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Sport Watches: New Bulova Accutron II UHF For Baselworld 2015

Simple, satisfying, good value proposition, and eternal …… These are some of the things Bulova is doing a good job is to become famous in the past few years, especially when it comes to their rapid development of electronic watches II collect their UHF trend. “UHF” on behalf of the ultra-high frequency, referring to its UHF quartz movement. These will be differentiated from Bulova Precisionist movement spaces – is similar but larger. Battery life is about two years for each.

Bulova will release a lot of new Bulova Accutron II UHF-powered watches in 2015, and these three sport watches are good indicators of what to expect. You can see that a new design element (which is actually a little bit of a retro throwback) is to place the quartz frequency value on the dial itself. This is a lot like mechanical watches that say “Automatic” on the dial. On each of these new Bulova Accutron II watches, Bulova prints “262 KHz” which is the frequency of these UHF quartz movements. How does that compare exactly? Well your standard mechanical watch operates at between about 3-5Hz – which is good for accuracy of just a few seconds a day. Your standard electronic quartz movement operates at 32,728 Hz (32.728 KHz) which offers accuracy of a few seconds per month. The Bulova UHF quartz movements operate at 262 KHz, which offers accuracy of a few seconds per yer.

The UHF movements also offer sweeping seconds hands similar to those in mechanical watches and they have a battery life of about two years. All that is nice and good, but what I appreciate the most is that they offer all this for a reasonable price of no more than about $200 – $300 to start. Bulova Accutron II watches top out a few hundred dollars more depending on the model.

Speaking of entry-level, the lowest price watch in this group is also one of the most attractive, with its simple vintage military styling inspired by 1940s Bulova watches. I am talking about the Bulova Accutron II Military 96B229. The 42m wide (10.8mm thick) steel case looks to be thematically like an original Rolex Oyster watch from 1926 – only bigger with its cushion shape and coined-edge bezel. Water resistant to 100 meters, the Military is matched to a green fabric strap and is easily the most mainstream and fashionable of the bunch. The black and white dial has just a hint of red and looks to be really legible (even though it appears that the minute and hour hands are a bit too similar in size). I like that the date window has been integrated into 6 o’clock with a matching color disc!

From there, you have the vintage diver-style Bulova Accutron II Lobster 96B232. This builds on the Bulova Snorkel watch from 2015 with an Omega-style case and internal rotating bezel. The 43.5 wide steel case connects to a Milanese mesh metal strap that really offers that retro dive watch feel. This color variation has a metallic blue dial with orange accents and is pleasantly legible. Having said that, like the snorkel before it, while you can go swimming with the Bulova Lobster, it is not a serious diving watch, with 100 meters of water resistance.

Bulova’s serious diving watches for 2015 will be the reintroduction of the Bulova Sea King collection. You can see a fun vintage ad for a Bulova Sea King here. At least one of the Sea King models will exist in the Bulova Accutron II collection with a UHF chronograph movement. The Bulova Accutron II Sea King 98B243, here, has a 48.5mm wide IP black-color steel case with a rotating diver’s bezel and rather masculine design. The case is 15.3mm thick and water resistant to 300 meters. There will also be a similar Bulova Sea King model with some different features, 1000 meters of water resistance, and an automatic mechanical movement that we will cover elsewhere.

For the Bulova Sea King Chronograph, Bulova seems to use a new UHF movement that I haven’t seen before which measures 60 minutes with a 1/10 of a second indicator (even though the movement theoretically can be a lot more precise in what it can measure). If you want more chronograph precision, then I suggest you look at a Bulova Precisionist Chronograph that tracks down to 1/1000 of a second.

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Sport Watches: Mark Carson

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Sport Watches: Mark Carson

Run a single nylon (or leather) strap, although in the case of Marc Carson Kerala, curved lugs will bypass the spring bar, and offers a high degree of safety. However, the general shortcomings of NATO is that they tend to cover up with a view of the movement, if a table has an exhibition back. In addition, 20 mm strap not through arcuate opening of my case, a natural fit. So my goal is to retain the traditional design mounted strap but adds redundancy and unique look of it. The results of a large number of paper and leather prototype is the use of a continuous loop, which ensures the conventional belt loop through a pair of so-called “Zulu” steel. Although the resulting table with a lot of “visual density” of the actual system is technically simple production and installation of the watch. Conceptually, a challenge to design, but easy to implement, which is as it should be. With extreme redundancy and continuous secondary circuit, called “infinite justice” is justified

Prototype Infinity Strap

The continuous loop is 5mm wide, and its two traversals under the case back still leave a view of the movement. In the event that even both spring bars were to fail, the Infinity Strap system will keep the watch attached to the conventional strap sections. So the watch becomes a bit looser but remains attached at two points to the strap and remains on your wrist.

How often do spring bars fail? Not often, but if they do, it’s a bad day for your watch with a normal two-piece strap. Plus, part of a sporty watch is that is looks, well, sporty. So the Infinity Strap system scores on both counts. They are available in nylon or leather and a variety of colors from the bold red, blue, and yellow ones, to the stealthy black nylon or leather versions.

Enough about the strap; onto the watch itself. Like other Mark Carson Ka La watches, the case is 316L stainless steel (43mm by 12.7mm tall) and is topped with a slightly domed sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on the underside. The cases are available in brushed stainless steel or PVD black over stainless finishes. The movement is the nearly unstoppable ETA 2824-2 automatic. In the interests of better timekeeping and appearance, I outfit my Mark Carson Ka La watches with the Elabore grade of this well-known Swiss automatic movement.

The dial and hands are more or less dive watch-inspired but are integrated into the Mark Carson Ka La design theme of circular shapes to the greatest degree possible. The date indication at 6 o’clock was a design consideration from the start, so it’s no accident that it is well integrated with the hour marker at 6. The hands play on the shape of the hour markers and provide a harmonious look along with great legibility. During the design phase, I referred to these as “hotdog on a stick” hands, which Ariel found amusing. The center circle on the seconds hand is a design reference to my previous Mark Carson Ka La watches (the “Classic” and “Roman” references) and the counterweight on the seconds hand matches the Honu (Turtle in Hawaiian) petroglyph on the dial. Even a simple-looking dial and handset can have thoughtful detailing and design – such as the use of dots, not batons, for minute markers.

The dial has a white finish over a metallic silver “sun ray” base. This gives the dial an opaline look and breaks up the light to minimize reflections. The applied hour markers have a gunmetal finish and, along with the hands, are filled with C3 SuperLuminova. The hands in particular have great visibility in the dark.

Bottom line: buy one of my watches and save a bunch – you know you deserve it. You’ve been good all year haven’t you? Well, pretty good perhaps. Happy Holiday wishes to all of my friends out there. Again, the Mark Carson Ka La Sport is being offered at special holiday introductory pricing from $1,040 and after January 4, 2016, it will be priced from $1,300.