March 5, 2024

The Richard Mille RM002 may be the watch that got me totally hooked on “exotic” watches.  In early 2000’s, like the majority of others, I’d no clue that $100,000 watches been around.  The concept was simply absurd.  Why would anybody spend much on the watch?  How would it often be worthwhile?

I saw some watches which I considered incredibly costly. From the visiting a Patek perpetual calendar chronograph (3970) which at that time, in my opinion, involved $40,000. A wrist watch is available that’s 4 occasions that cost? Unthinkable.


I strongly remember seeing the timepiece the very first time. A buddy had just got it, and that i requested to determine it of sheer amazement in the cost. Obviously it looked awesome, but nonetheless I didn’t completely understand.

After which I use it my wrist.

Really, everything transformed for me personally immediately.  The timepiece is comfortable – both ergonomically, and psychologically.  It had not been ostentatious, or old and stuffy.  It had been me.  I saw myself putting on it every single day.  Therefore I made the decision immediately, that at some point I’d purchase one.  Annually later I in the bank enough to create the check, and that I used that watch virtually every day for the following 18 several weeks.

To ensure that is my very personal story with this particular watch, why will it mean the timepiece is in the past important?  Richard Mille could influence a whole market of individuals like me.


He blew the lid off prices, in some way making people comfortable having to pay many occasions the things they had ever taken care of a wrist watch.  It may seem this really is an adverse for customers, but really it’s been possibly the only greatest driving pressure towards all the incredible watches we have seen now.  If nobody was comfortable having to pay $188,000 for any watch, something similar to an Megabytes HM4 could never exist.  There’s virtually no method to make a few of these amazing sculptures with pre-Richard Mille prices.

I have also heard Richard Mille being referred to like a “gateway drug”.  It’s an exotic watch that Patek and Vacheron men still frequently feel at ease putting on.  Inside a pre-exotic world, it had been an excellent initial step for you to get people accustomed to the crazier items to come.


And thus, just like this watch began my passion for Contemporary Horology, in lots of ways it led the way for a lot of that which was in the future.  No discussion of the duration of the watch making industry could be complete without Richard Mille.