June 25, 2024
Diving watch Comments: Hand and Tudor Pelagos Hotel

Tudor is a Swiss luxury watch brand, owned by Rolex. Tudor was founded in 1946 as a lower priced in-house alternative to Rolex watches. Tudor watches are equipped with ETA movements and the brand has seen a successful return to North America in 2013 after being absent since 2004. Popular Tudor watch models include the Tudor Heritage Ranger, Tudor Heritage Black Bay, Tudor Style, Tudor Fastrider Black Shield, Tudor Heritage Chrono, Tudor Pelagos, Tudor Heritage Advisor, Tudor Clair de Rose, Tudor Grantour, Tudor Glamour, Tudor Classic.

Recently, we finally found an extensive review of the new Tudor Pelagos Hotel, launched in 2012 (inspired by the Greek word “PELAGOS”, meaning “sea”). Pelagos is located 500 meters waterproof diving watch with a light weight, brushed titanium case and bracelet (caseback and clasp are made of a slightly different shades of stainless steel). This version contains the highest level, integrated helium release valve, flat sapphire crystal and ceramic bezel set with impressive integrated lume invention ETA2824-2 movement.

Diving watch Comments: Hand and Tudor Pelagos Hotel

The folding clasp offers not only an integrated extension, but also a flexible segment that will automatically adjust to differently compressed dive suits (which we’ve presented here). Alternatively, you also get a rubber strap with an additional extension (we’d personally prefer a strap that could do without re-using the bracelet’s end links, but that’s a matter of taste, and a typical execution for Rolex and Tudor watches).

To be honest, the Tudor Pelagos has proven to be one of the very few watches we’ve encountered in which we didn’t find much of anything to criticize. Yes, some of the square hour markers seem slightly off-center in some (extremely close-up) photos when compared to the cut-outs of the rehaut ring. But unless you are planning on always carrying a top-level macro lens around, you shouldn’t notice this, thanks to the overall matte finish.

We are not sure how the white, applied markers with the sealed-in blue lume will age compared to (for example) the hands. And we don’t know how the (presumably softer) lume in the (definitely harder) bezel inlay will deal with bumps or scratches over time. But this is pure speculation for the time being.