May 23, 2024
Jorg Gray

Jorg Gray is the company that makes the JG6500 watch. You might know it as the President Obama watch, because it is the watch that he wears most of the time. This little fact has catapulted an otherwise small watch company into a phenomenon. So I am going to share with you other watches that they make over the nest few weeks. One thing that Jorg Gray specializes in is making good quality watches based on popular designs, but at much lower costs. This is needed in the market for at least one important reason. I often find myself discovering new watches and really liking them for being unique of eye catching. When I learn the price I am discouraged because I can’t afford them, or won’t spend that type of money on a watch that I know I would not wear daily. So when Jorg Gray discovers this fact, they go about creating their own version that is similar, and affordable. So now I get to have that cool design I see myself wearing when I feel the need, but I don’t have to digest the thought of a big investment.

This particular JG1900 (seen is the model JG1900-12) comes in several different colors and in a chronograph or 3 hand model. You can see each of the models in the image. The bright colors against black make for a very attractive , stand-out design that will appeal to a lot of people. As far as fashion watches go, Jorg Gray does a pretty good job at making a solidly made, dependable watch.
Jorg Gray
The JG1900 has a 43mm wide steel case that has been black IP plated in a matte finish. The case edges are well formed, but not sharp to the touch. The caseback is in polished steel and screwed down. I quite like the light engraving and good information on the back. Jorg Gray makes the model clear. So few watches give you this information right on the watch. The case has 100 meters of water resistance, and feels like if it had a screw in crown and pushers if could have more. Aside from the black case and dial, you have the anodized bezel in metallic blue, as well as the powder blue hand and hour markers. The same application applied if you opt for the green, orange or yellow version of the watches. The mineral crystal is domed just a little bit.
The dial on these watches is thematically taken from U-Boat Flightdeck watches. I placed an image of one for you to see what I mean. Jorg Gray doesn’t copy it, but rather places their own touches to the overall look. The dial design is crisp and straight forward. You see hands and fonts taken from U-Boat, which means the smaller subsidiary hands are squared off, while the hour and minute hands are large and easy to read. The chronograph subdials are recessed a bit, while the date window edges are tastefully sloped in that is an important touch. As for the date window, I would have maybe preferred that the date disc be black, but it being white makes it stand out a bit more. Meaning that from a style perspective black would have been better, but it would make it hard to find the date on the dial as your eyes would be left searching for it.


Telling the time on the dial is very easy, and the chronograph is nicely designed. Problem is that the chronograph subdials aren’t as useful as they could be not having the proper amount of marks on the dials. They are designed to help the dial look its best, rather than be the easiest to use chronograph counters. Also part of the chronograph is the tachymeter scale on the bezel. Operating the chronograph is easy with the solid chronograph pushers. Focusing on that same area, you can appreciate relief done Jorg Gray logo on the crown – which helps add brand character.

Attached to the watch is a 22mm aviator style black leather strap. It is thickly cushioned and tapers in thickness so that the strap is not too tough to break into form. The curved luges make the watch fit well on your wrist, which is a good placed between a large size, and not too large of a size. Inside the watch is a Japanese quartz chronograph movement. For a less complex look, you can opt for the three-hand version of the JG1900 watch. I was immediately drawn to the JG1900 watch line when I first noticed them. Although the watch isn’t perfect, it does have a lot of character, and feels good to wear. The watch’s biggest flaw is probably it’s lack of luminant. The matte and slightly sheening black metal goes really well with the available colors making for a fashion watch that is both dependable and manufactured in a quality way.