May 23, 2024

Recently watched Palm Beach Cannes Film Festival is not some itching, and vacation thoughts already flying thousands of miles away, but the resort’s equipment ready? Louis Vuitton Ailleurs Louis Vuitton 2011 spring and summer series is designed for outside the city “elsewhere” and creation, including apparel, swimwear and small pendant, will Vieira’s hot and tropical rainforests Trolltech combination.

Louis Vuitton Ailleurs series collaboration with British artist Pippa Cunningham, Pippa created a watercolor-like fabric patterns. The main products of the series 3 canvas bags, named “Promenade, Escale and Aventure”, meaning “to roam, escape and adventure”, each the size of two versions, a large private beach bag, packet suitable city. This section has an adjustable leather handbag straps, gold metal fittings and Louis Vuitton’s iconic logo card.

In addition, the blue-green wedge sandals also allows you to enjoy a stroll on the beach apart from the elegant fashion attitude, plus swimwear, beachwear, cotton printed scarf and other single product, you can directly run to the beach!