March 1, 2024

Divers watch from Schaffhausen put on a new appearance , also climbed the peak. It can be said , Aquatimer marine hour 2000 automatic watch is still Aquatimer series of ” water king” , can withstand up to 200 bar pressure . Aquatimer marine hour automatic watch has two dials : black, the first 15 minutes of the fourth rotating outer ring of bright yellow , yellow, yellow central minute hand and second hand end . This color combination makes glance it Aquatimer family relationships . Bright yellow has an important function – was only in the depths of the underwater pole filter . Aquatimer marine hour automatic watch has a white dial, second paragraph , fourth rotating outer ring of white, orange numbers, the end of the hour and second hand are orange. Family name “Aquatimer” also appear on the dial to small fonts .

1970 strong generations , Aquatimer made ??a facelift . The new Aquatimer Reference 1816 Ingenieur appearance and original design , and even later by Gerald Genta facelift surgeon new Ingenieur are different, the time used is quite popular Cushion Style, and even face plate appeared brown and red styles. However , this facelift terms of the success of Heroes , then you can say is a failure, because Aquatimer was discontinued within a few years , although much of the reason may not be attributed to the IWC production and design , but from the Far East storm surge swept the globe , Japan quartz Technology whirlwind !