May 23, 2024

All this week, we’ve been sharing our collaboration with style influencer Melanie Liu, aka The Tia Fox, to showcase Cartier’s Hypnose collection. Today, she puts on her reviewer hat (which would be painfully chic and limited edition, were it not metaphorical), to let us know exactly what she thought of the three models she tested out. Early this week she told us about the story behind the photoshoot, so make sure to watch it unfold in the full gallery below.


The Tia Fox models the medium Hypnose with diamond pave dial. “The oval dial is quite unique.”

My first impression of the three watches was… that they were stunning at first sight, which was a lovely surprise. The whole line is very beautiful and feminine.

What stood out most was… the oval shape. It’s an unusual shape for a watch, and it adds character. I also think it’s very flattering. That slender, elongated shape is partly what makes it so elegant.


The ubiquitous Melbourne coffee shot never looked so refined thanks to the medium Hypnose in pink gold

One detail I noticed was… the blue hands – which I know all Cartier watches have. I think that attention to detail is what makes Cartier watches so desirable. So much work and craftsmanship goes into every piece.


The pick of the bunch, according to the Tia Fox: the petite Hypnose in white gold

The most versatile of the collection was… the smallest size, with the diamonds around the dial. This one was much more subtle and you could definitely wear it on a daily basis. My everyday look is feminine and quite dressy. I’m not talking about ball gowns, of course, but you might find me wearing a lace dress, for example, to catch up with friends over coffee or to go for meetings. So this watch really fits in with my lifestyle.

Of the three, the most striking was… the one with the diamonds all over its face. That was spectacular. Just wow!



Size-wise… I found the smallest fit me best – but I do have tiny wrists! Having said that, the larger size looked much more dramatic, so I think that would be great for a special occasion, to really make a statement.


Cartier Hypnose Australian pricing

Cartier Hypnose small model, rhodium-finish 18K white gold, on leather with diamonds, $38,600

Cartier Hypnose medium model, 18K pink gold, on leather with diamonds, $53,500

Cartier Hypnose medium model, rhodium-finish 18K white gold, black lacquer, on leather with diamonds, $84,000