June 16, 2024

Designer handbags have always been a woman ‘s face, a bag as long as a certain star identify what package , then it is always seasonal epidemic Zhongxingpengyue . Parda name of “Less is More” slogan , minimalism emerged , simple and uniform with an aesthetic design like coincide with the trend . Prada’s design style and just the right combination of elements , fine and rough , natural and artificial , different materials, including texture of the fabric are united in natural colors, elegant women cut , stretch fabric with ease , with special proprietary fabric processing , extremely rich strong artistic temperament. Prada brisk performance was mainly attributed to the design with the modern lifestyle blending water and milk , not only in the fabrics, colors and styles work , the design philosophy of life that happened to fit behind the pursuit of immediate practical dual appearance with the popular mind, the function and aesthetics in perfect balance between .

Overall regression in fashion this year and ultimately, retro atmosphere , tribute to the classic . Parda stir the 2006 season swept a congregation Hollywood actress Nappa Gaufre, as this was the folds of thermal explosion handbags add new styles and colors , it will certainly be able to once again captured the hearts of fans .

Autumn and winter 2006 debut of Nappa Gaufre, just won an actress Hollywood celebrities and love, including Madonna , Jessica Simpson, Claudia Schiffer and Beyonce. Nappa Gaufre charm lies in the details of the folds of body bags for handbags add visual freshness. To achieve such excellent results on the use of the Spanish selection softest sheepskin , dense folds of material needed is not only relatively more complicated than processes .