June 15, 2024
city impression

It goes without saying that nowadays, Reef Tiger has gain some certain reputation among numerous watch lovers with its excellent wrist watches, which own outstanding appearance and good performance. Here are some most popular ones of Reef Tiger, I would like to share with all of you.

1.Reef Tiger Seattle City Impression RGA163-YWY

city impression
Are you still worried what kind of watch you should wear on formal occasions? Stop it, and just get this City Impression. This watch design is very simple and decent, showing gentlemen’s capable and experienced image. White shell and white dial reflects your elegant and the pursuit of better life. R-ST2130 automatic mechanical movement is the best assurance of its excellent performance. And of course, this movement has been through serious professional tests. In the white clean dial, the logo“Reef Tiger” is clearly marked at the 12 o’clock position, very simple but showing confidence in this brand. Roman numerals with three sharp hands in the white dial forms a harmonious picture. And the date display is inlayed at the 3 o’clock position, which is the symbol of noble and power in old days.

2.Reef Tiger Classical Classic Fusion RGA810-YBY

classic fusion
As the name suggest, “Classic Fusion” means the fusion of classic and originality, and of tradition and modern. From the whole simple and grace design, you can imagine how great temperament it shows. Stick silver markers are quietly in the black dial, forming ab obvious contrast, with three white delicate hands. The case material is 316lstainless steel, shining charming metal luster. Furthermore, metal bracelet is better for this wrist watch because it’s also appropriate one worn on formal occasions. And you don’t need to worry that it smells in hot days once getting water and sweat.

3.Reef Tiger Classico Heritage RGA823-YLB

Whit dial? Black dial? No, this watch owns dark blue dial, very special and bold. It’s one kind of men’s watch, and has been favored by lots of people because of its different dark blue dial. Born from Reef Tiger, we have no need to worry about its watch-making material and high quality. The case, button and crown are made of stainless steel. Another interesting point is the skeleton case back, from which you can freely and clearly see how the movement works. R-ST2130 automatic mechanical movement helps to make Classico Heritage work precisely. Even it rains, you can calm down since its water resistant is 50 meters. And in order to give better protection, sapphire crystal is adopted to make its front case, scratch resistant and anti-reflective.

The three wrist watches are welcomed by numerous watch lovers, and I hope you will enjoy them as well.