August 10, 2022

We are happy to introduce the Athens Blast titanium alloy tourbillon men watch



Blast, if Freak is Athens’s most sci-fi series, then it is Athens’s most technologically innovative series. This watch is the most expensive among all cutting-edge watches. First, the appearance. The lugs are the most distinctive part of this watch. The design was inspired by the F117 stealth fighter. It has a triangular sawtooth design and an edge alignment. This is done to reduce radar. The reflective area will be reduced and the fighter will appear maverick when it is placed on the table.


Each triangular area of a lug receives a different decoration and polishing process. The surface alternately displays a satin, polished and sandblasted texture. The F117’s surface is not as polished as the watch.


This watch, like other Athens watches that have an X suffix on them, also incorporates the element X into its design. This watch uses an X-shaped hollow structure for its movement. This watch is UN-172. It’s a modified UN-171 movement with a 3-day power reserve. The dial shows a small, platinum-colored automatic rotor at the twelve o’clock position. The watch’s most significant feature is the 6 o’clock tourbillon. Tourbillon watches with silicon components aren’t uncommon nowadays.

There are three types of reef tiger watches: a titanium alloy sandwich case, a titanium alloy hollow structure movement, and a platinum automatic tourbillon. The key is made up of silicon components. I was thinking about all the luxury equipment available at this price.