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Heirloom Watch – Story of the Vintage Record Chronograph

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Probably the most precious piece inside a WIS‘collection needs to function as the “heirloom watch”, a watch passed on with a close relative. Whether that watch is really a Rolex Daytona or perhaps a 1930’s Gruen Curvex, it does not matter whatsoever. The storyline behind it, the bond to that particular particular someone, the moments you shared or even the great anecdotes you heard about him/her by other family people – should you have had absolutely no way to satisfy the dog owner personally – are factors that play a significant role within this highly emotional game. Financial value within this situation is completely irrelevant. I have no within my collection yet actually my dad wears a Casio (his option for virtually the majority of his existence). I’m speculating my grandfather’s Poljot would be the one piece I’ll eventually increase the number of my vintage watches. Hopefully that point is way far. The storyline I’m going to reveal to you is of the remarkable guy and the beloved piece: A classic chronograph that’s the valued treasure of the grandson, digital photographer Doron Ritter. This is actually the story of his grandfather, Laszlo Rozsa and the Record chronograph. read more