April 14, 2024

When Apple announced its much-anticipated Apple Watch back in September 2014, people got very excited about the concept of an Apple-designed smartwatch. Fast-forward to today: the Apple Watch has been on sale for a year and people are wondering about the next-generation Apple Watch 2 price .
 The New Apple Watch 2 Might Not Look Different To The First
When will the Apple Watch 2 launch, and what new features can we expect? It didn’t get a mention at Apple’s 21 March launch event, but the Apple Watch did get some love as we explain below. In this article, we round up all the rumours we’ve heard regarding the yet-unannounced Apple Watch 2. Also, we list the features and tech specs we’re hoping Apple will include in the second Apple Watch – particularly an ARM Cortex A32 processor – and why they’re essential to improving users’ experience.