May 23, 2024

Restricted area: Blancpain erotic watch

Restricted area: Blancpain erotic watch

Classic on the front, party in the back: that about sums up the traditional erotic timepiece.

And one of the modern masters of the erotic watch is Blancpain. In this excellent video by The Watches TV, you will discover what “hot horologerie” is all about!

Since 1983, Blancpain has been known for reviving the art of the erotic watch; today only Blancpain, Svend Andersen, and Ulysse Nardin continue to make this sort of timepiece with any regularity (see Worldtimers, Erotic Watches, And Poker-Playing Dogs: A.H.C.I. Co-Founder Svend Andersen Has (Semi-)Retired, But His Brand Lives On).

As Marc-André Deschoux of The Watches TV explains in the video, “Originally, erotic timepieces were invented to spice up discussions and also indirectly educate young ladies [and young men]. But the clergy, and especially in Geneva where many of these were produced, forbid their production and ordered the existing ones destroyed. That is why erotic watches almost disappeared for dozens of years, even if production always continued.”

Erotic watches are in fact very complex to make as their manufacture requires managing minuscule, detailed automata (as well the artistic skills needed to make them) that move, often with the chiming mechanism of minute repeaters.

Blancpain erotic watch

Blancpain erotic watch

Because almost all of today’s erotic watches are unique pieces made on demand, Blancpain’s watchmakers and engravers must work closely together to satisfy the expectations of its demanding customers.

These artful watches are driven by Blancpain Caliber 332, a hand-wound movement featuring a minute repeater complication used to move the figures.

Even Hugh Hefner would be envious of the watch lover daring enough to buy one of these!

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