May 27, 2024
Watch Review: Zenith Academy George Favre -Jacot Titanium

It is quite obvious that when you really want to emphasize the force beyond the traditional, a little old-fashioned aspects of the problem (and I mean the best way those words) rose gold version of clues. Indeed, the creation of (a rather ambitious figure) 150 limited edition pieces that Zenith Academy George Favre -Jacot Titanium model may be alluding to in the next 150 years, rather than celebrating a past and a half century. The dial and brushed titanium case on the use of concentric circles contribute to add a lot of texture rich watch, without sacrificing color scheme consistency. Under flat titanium case, with respect to the bent metal, contribute to a more edgy look driving home.
Watch Review: Zenith Academy George Favre -Jacot Titanium

Let’s talk for a moment about the particular differences between these two models. Obviously, we mentioned the titanium case replacing the more old-fashioned alternative in rose gold. The Zenith Academy Georges Favre-Jacot Titanium version is also a tiny bit bigger, measuring 46mm over the 45mm of the rose gold version. While a little wider, it’s also thinner at 14.05mm thick – 0.30mm thinner than the gold watch. What you also get in terms of water resistance (though we doubt anybody is really taking either of these for a dive) is 100 meters for the titanium watch. The gold is water resistant to 30 meters. Though, again, it’s unlikely either of these watches is going to see a lot of action underwater, that 100 meter (or 10 bar) rating assures that even if accidentally submerged in a swimming pool, say, the Zenith Academy Georges Favre-Jacot Titanium will resurface unscathed.

The hour markers keep up with this theme of embracing the new over the traditional in the Zenith Academy Georges Favre-Jacot Titanium. The gold version had classical gold-plated and faceted hour markers which stand in pretty stark contrast to the rhodium-plated, faceted hour markers with SuperLuminova SLN on the titanium model. Also of note, where the gold model had small, hardly-noticeable five-minute markers, the titanium model has them larger, bolder, and in an almost racing-inspired font.

And what of the fusee and chain system on the Zenith Academy Georges Favre-Jacot Titanium? Again, no sign of the gold anywhere. Interestingly enough, if you look closely, Zenith didn’t choose to import the blue star on the dial over the barrel on the left-side. The star is still there, but it is an austere grey rather than blue. However, you’ve got the two blue screws on the thicker, non-wishbone bridges. A wishbone shape, as seen on the gold version, immediately insinuates a feeling of being delicate, but Zenith went for a sturdy-looking bridge on the Zenith Academy Georges Favre-Jacot Titanium. Smartly, they cut the utilitarian look a little bit by adding the blue screws for a dash of color.

Zenith is a brand with a profoundly distinguished history. The El Primero movement is one of the most lauded movements in history, but the brand does seem to be at a crossroads. However, there are more brands than ever that are creating avant-garde designs appealing to watch buyers and collectors who want something a little different. De Bethune, Richard Mille, and MB&F come to mind when thinking about visually striking brands that are giving many options to these buyers. There is obviously no way that this Zenith Academy Georges Favre-Jacot Titanium watch is going as far in an aesthetic direction as the aforementioned brands, but if we take this watch as a sign of things to come, it is obvious that the brand is looking at adopting and creating more contemporary designs in their watches.

Watch Review: Zenith Academy George Favre -Jacot Titanium
Of course, contemporary watch styles aren’t complete anathema to Zenith. The El Primero Stratos Spindrift Racing watch and the El Primero Lightweight Limited Edition Skeletonized watch come to mind when thinking about a lot of similar design cues. The hour and five-minute markers are clearly influenced by these models, and the aforementioned “basket-weave” pattern in black carbon also comes into play. With a price of 69,000 CHF, the Zenith Academy Georges Favre-Jacot Titanium watch is a successful reinterpretation of the gold watch for a buyer who wants a more sleek and contemporary look.