May 23, 2024


Clé de Cartier Wrist watch

When comes to this idea, it lead to the compelling and faintly ridiculous at once. Ask Oscar Hunt Tailors, who specialise in made to measure suits, to tailor a suit to a watch. That’s right. Treat a watch like a person – look at its shoulders, its shape and move to accentuate, flatter and embrace it with perfectly matched suiting. Not just any watch, though; the Cartier Clé de Cartier, one of our favourite releases of 2015, which charms with its ‘shape in shape’ case design, quite a breach from Cartier’s usually faithful one-shape story. It presents a soft geometric curve surrounding a circular dial and evokes Cartier’s spirit of classic elegance as well as Felix said at the time, while giving a nod to the bold designs that characterised ’60s and ’70s watch design.” The mission was simple enough. The fact that is full of thought whatever the response required.