April 14, 2024

In Panerai 1936 formally released the very first major Radiomir watches for underwater procedures following the initial launch in 1950, Panerai Luminor series of watches, precisely to be able to make amends for Radiomir series waterproof deficiency. Crown having a strong lever pads and tritium luminous features have grown to be Panerai diving depth could break records protection.

Waterproof as much as 1,000 meters Panerai watches , has lengthy shown its outstanding technical accomplishments . Today Panerai levels, presenting new Luminor Submersible professional diving watch , water-resistant as much as 2,500 meters , greatly exceeded the Luminor Submersible 1000M waterproof limit , a brand new design of large situation, incredibly complex structures . Panerai Luminor Submersible waterproof function , following a series of extended testing, test situation reaches 320 atmospheric pressure.

To do this a water-resistant value , the situation of each component should have the very best design , Panerai with the exception of the key part to improve the thickness and also at tips around the dive tables only super extreme close monitoring . Therefore Luminor Submersible referred to as completely meet NIHS standards of professional diving watch . When getting started the deep and prolonged , the diver breathing a combination of oxygen and helium gases. Within this process, the preferred row helium valve , the dwelling continues to be taken into consideration. Helium is really a gas of simple molecules , aspects of the situation spilling out of the center of the contact surface . In appeared start decompression , helium spilling around the watch to avoid serious damage , so it’s the look of the helium escape valve , to be able to avoid excessive pressure within the situation , and also the crown can also be outfitted to beat the categories of challenges gasket is completely perfect table fans watch irresistible .