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Is This What Luxury Smartwatches Will Be Like? Pioneer Jorg Hysek Presents Designs, Interview

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Jorg Hysek is one of my favorite watch designers. In addition to designing some really iconic watches over the last 30 years, Hysek is among the few designers today so strictly focused on the future while respecting those things that make the Swiss watch industry unique and traditional. Jorg Hysek even had his own “Hysek” brand, even though it was sold years ago and he is no longer associated with it. He then went on to start HD3 and later Slyde (hands-on review here) – an electronic luxury watch that was admittedly ahead of its time, which if begun today might have had a totally different trajectory. Jorg is now focused on the emerging world of smartwatches with the idea that real luxury smartwatches will not come from one source, but will be the accumulated efforts of multiple parties. More specifically, he feels that technology companies should work with Swiss designers and case/bracelet/strap manufacturers, and for the Swiss to not fear this new era of connected digital luxury watches.

Jorg Hysek has been spending a lot of time coming up with designs – something he does best – and we’d like to share some of his concept luxury smartwatches with you. I also took the time to meet with Jorg and discuss his thoughts about how the Swiss watch industry can play nice with smartwatch makers. These designs are really cool and we simply want them to be real sooner than later. Jorg was able to add a real emotional connection and sense of coolness to what, in many instances, are lacking designs in the smartwatch world. So here’s what Jorg had to say, and let’s hope some of these concepts will become a reality before long. read more