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The Stowa 90th Anniversary Flieger Klassik & Marine Automatik Blue Limited Editions

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the Stowa 90th Anniversary Flieger Klassik & Marine Automatik Blue Limited Editions

An well known name in German watchmaking that was resurrected in 1997, Stowa celebrates the 90th anniversary of its founding with a series of limited editions that are military-inspired and modestly priced, as is typical for the brand.

The original Stowa firm – a contract of its founder’s name, Walter Storz – was best known for the timepieces it produced for the German armed forces during the Second World War, most notably the oversized Beobachtungsuhr made for Luftwaffe navigators and deck watches for the German navy. The modern incarnation of Stowa built its entire collection on those historical military designs, and fittingly the 90th anniversary limited editions are further variants of those. read more


Reviewing Stowa Partitio

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Stowa Partitio

When one thinks of Stowa luxury watch price , there are a few Stowa  men watches that immediately spring to mind. Front and center are the iconic Fliegers, followed closely by their Marine chronometers and the Antea series. But there is another watch in Stowa’s catalogue that almost never gets mentioned, overshadowed by its more popular siblings: the Partitio Klassik. The Partitio is the hidden gem of Stowa’s lineup–a classically styled 3-hander that may offer their greatest value, especially given today’s favorable exchange rates for American buyers. As of this writing, the Partitio is 579 EUR excluding VAT (690 EUR with), which is approximately $667 USD. read more