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Apple Watch Series 4 rumors Six new models filed with the EEC review

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New Apple Watches registered with the EEC
French site Consomac has noticed that six new Apple Watch models have been registered with the EEC
Why six entries? There are different model numbers for LTE and non-LTE Apple Watches, the two different sizes, and Watches made from different materials (Aluminum, Stainless, and Ceramic). For reference, the Apple Watch Series 3 showed up in the EEC with eight listings (two GPS aluminum models and six other models without GPS).
The listing doesn’t tell us anything about the products, other than that they are Apple Watches and run watchOS 5. In the past, such EEC listings popped up just a few weeks before the products were announced or went on sale. It’s a pretty good indicator that the Series 4 is coming this September.
Significantly larger displays
A new report from Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities claims that the new Apple Watch introduced this fall—which we assume will be the Series 4—will come with significantly larger displays. Kuo says the small watch will be 1.57 inches (or 39.9mm), up from 1.33 inches (34mm). The larger model will be 1.78 inches (or 45.2mm), up from 1.53 inches (39mm).
That’s about 38 percent more screen area on the small watch, and about 34 percent more on the large model.
The Apple Watch will still have the same configuration—a rotating crown and a button beneath it—but neither one will actually move inward when clicked (although the crown would still physically rotate). In other words, they would work just as the home button does on the iPhone 7 and 8.
In addition to the new screen dimensions, Kuo reiterated his previous report that the Series 4 will have longer battery life (either through a bigger battery or a more efficient SoC, or both) and better health tracking capabilities.
A “source with direct knowledge of Apple’s plans” has told FastCompany that Apple plans to outfit the Mens Watches with buttons that do not move, but rather simply sense the touch of a finger. The Haptic Engine would then be used to give the button the feel of a click.
There are two expected benefits of this change. First, it makes it easier to make the watch more water-resistant. Second, it frees up a tiny bit of space inside to allow for a larger battery or other internal components. Everything is packed so tightly into a very tiny bit of space that every extra fraction of a millimeter matters. read more


People’s attention to Omega’s superb craftsmanship

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Every Omega Constellation timepiece has been subjected to numerous performance-driven tests. From mapping its precision in studying time to analyzing its own damages, even farther positioning them in various temperatures to seek out the truth of +6 and -4 moments per day — a rating only the most precise and apt watches get concerning certification. In fact, for people who own a Constellation timepiece, they would observe that none of those celebrities gets worn out. All these prove the timepiece is authentic and well preserved, which highlights the quality of much. The Omega Constellation men’s watches, especially the Co-Axial boasts a 35mm to 38mm stainless steel case with either silver or gold enamelling or both. The collection itself is so extensive, that it has a layout for every single man, depending on their choice of colour or metal. Making sophisticated and it appealing, the Omega Constellation Gent’s collection features an 18K gold steel watch. The hour markers and the diamonds settle to a white dial. The silk-like pattern on every dial dates back to as it was first introduced in the 1960s. This dial is protected by the scratch-resistant sapphire crystal that is dome-shaped from any damages. Accentuating the beauty is your bezel which shares the palette like the hour mark for a tone-on-tone effect.
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Is there such a big market for sports watches?

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The diameter of many sports watches can’t be avoided because of the necessary shock resistance, the strong movement parts, the complicated parts made by the movement, and the thickness of the case, so that the case can’t be thin. At this time, it is necessary to say that the Rolex submariner may be the new case structure Ringlock System exclusive to the Oyster Perpetual DEEPSEA watch, which ensures that the watch can withstand huge pressure in deep water. If you are a sports enthusiast, a mens large watch can also bring you a wrist. For diving, choose Rolex Submariner and Omega’s Sea Horse. If you time, TAG Heuer is still a good choice in terms of price and performance. For mountaineering, hiking, or outdoor sports, Songtuo, Casio, etc. have corresponding function tables, but these tables focus on the practicality of the function, and the brand value with its own charm is not great. So you said that the sports watch market is so big? In addition to those who really like sports, many people wear sports watches just to like its sports style, and more use sports watches to reflect their young mentality and healthy attitude to life. If you observe carefully in daily life, you will find that both young people and mature men prefer sports mechanical watches.
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What additional functions does the rarone mechanical watch have?

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The additional functions of mechanical watches determine the wearer’s experience to a certain extent. The additional functions of mainstream mechanical watches on the market can be divided into the following: waterproof, chronograph, world time, luminous, etc. Waterproof, there are many sophisticated equipment and parts inside the mens mechanical watch. If there is no waterproof function, it is easy to fail when it encounters water. Water resistance can be divided into several levels: 30 meters waterproof can be splash-proof, 50 meters can be directly washed with water, and you can dive with your watch more than 100 meters. Timekeeping, this mechanical watch with timekeeping function, is designed with multiple buttons on the dial and the case. If you encounter a situation that requires timekeeping, gently press the button on the mechanical watch. But be careful not to frequently start and tentatively time, because this will cause parts to wear out and reduce the duration of use. World Time Mechanical sports watches with world time function will set a 24-hour counter in the dial, and then place the main city of each time zone in the outermost circle of the dial. If you want to find the time in the corresponding city, just turn the outer circle of the dial to match the main city with the exact local time. Luminous, if the mechanical watch has the function of highlighting luminous, then even in the dark night when you can’t see your fingers, the hour hand and numbers on the dial can still shine. The luminous material named Luminova is added to the production process of this watch. Even if it is used for a long time, the phenomenon of luminous light will not fade.

How to tell if a watch is genuine or fake?

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How to identify whether a watch is a genuine or a high imitation watch? Look at the details of the appearance and carefully observe the appearance of the watch. For example, the appearance of the watch is polished. The polishing method of the real watch is delicate and elegant, and the craft of the fake watch is far from it. In addition, the craftsmanship rescue of this sports watch, such as the shape of the screws, the polishing and engraving patterns on the bottom of the watch, some brands have their own special marks and logos in terms of craftsmanship. Looking at the label imprint and number, the real watch has its own pattern and digital imprint on the strap, clasp, bottom, lugs, etc. Usually, the bottom label of a famous watch has a digital logo of the brand LOGO and the watch model. Some mechanical watches also have laser anti-counterfeiting on the bottom label. paper. Usually the label of the fake watch is printed lightly, the size of the word code is irregular, giving people a slanting feeling, the number does not even conform to the coding rule of the watch, or the number of digits in the thick line is too long.