June 25, 2024
A Detailed Introduction Of Cartier Tank Francaise stainless steel

Do you koow more about  Cartier Tank Francaise stainless steel watch?Are you interested in it? Are you looing forward to some buying guides for it?Please continue reading followed.

A Detailed Introduction Of Cartier Tank Francaise stainless steel
Louis-Francois Cartier started the Cartier empire in 1847 when he took over the workshop of his teacher Adolphe Picard and his grandson Pierre Camille Cartier was then the person to take Cartier international. In the 1900s Pierre Camille Cartier opened and managed the Cartier stores in both London and New York and the company also expanded to include a branch in St. Petersburg in Russia. The Cartier business was initially founded as a jewelry business but it didn’t take long before the company expanded into creating wristwatches and one of their first creations was the “Santos” in 1904. This wristwatch was named after the Brazilian aviator Alberto-Santos Dumont who explained it was impossible to effectively use a pocket watch while flying a plane and this was the basis of the first Cartier wristwatch.

Cartier also has a well known reputation for their products being popular with royalty and celebrities from all corners of the globe and they have received numerous royal commissions over the years. We’re going to take a look at one of the ladies watches in their “Tank” line – in particular a midsize Cartier ladies watch.

Cartier Exclusivity. You’ll never have to explain to anyone who Cartier are or what type of products they manufacture so owning any piece of jewelry or watch carrying their brand name more or less automatically elevates your social status. Why? Well because having the financial wherewithal and social class to acquire a Cartier watch means that you have the resources to do so, which is something not everyone has. When you’re surrounded by a sea of Movado or Omega timepieces it’s nice to stand out from the crowd and the Cartier Tank Francaise will allow you to do exactly that.

Swiss-Quartz Precision. When it comes to acquiring a high quality Swiss watch you’ll have the choice between a purely mechanical movement or a Swiss-quartz movement instead. While purists will obviously want a watch featuring a mechanical movement a Swiss-quartz movement requires far less maintenance and, generally speaking, also keeps far better time. Any watch run by a Swiss-quartz crystal will require battery power for the timing pulse so you will need to replace the battery in this Cartier every few years, so this is worth remembering from a maintenance point of view.

Subtle Styling. Cartier Tank WatchWhen people think Cartier they rightly imagine some of the most elegant and stylish of watches so you might be asking why a Cartier ladies watch might be called a “Tank Francaise“? The reason for this is that the links in the bracelet band of this watch resemble the tracks on the armored fighting vehicles sharing the same name and the first of these watches were manufactured just after 1917, which makes this model name even more apt.The watch dial on the Cartier Tank Francaise is an off-white color with large Roman numerals set in the square case of this watch and the entire case and the bracelet band is made entirely from brushed and polished stainless steel. You’ll find a date function at the 3 o’clock position on the watch dial and the octagonal crown is set with a cabochon synthetic crystal – it has the same appearance as a real ruby and is a very nice visual touch. The entire dial itself then is covered by a window of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal so you won’t need to worry about minor nicks obscuring your view of your watch.

Color Choices. The Cartier Tank Francaise we’re reviewing here is the stainless steel variant but this watch is also available in both white and yellow gold variants with diamond accents, obviously costing quite a bit more than this model.
Dimensions. This is a mid-sized watch in the Cartier “Tank” watch range but being a ladies watch it obviously has dimensions to match. With a case diameter of 25mm this stainless steel watch is a little bit wider than most ladies watches but this is offset by the slim design of this watch, which comes in an at a waif-like 6.7mm so you’ll own an extremely slim watch in this Cartier. The watch band is a very standard 20mm so will suit the wrists of the vast majority of women wanting to own this watch.

In my view,this Cartier Tank Francaise stainless steel watch is a simple yet extremely elegant ladies watch and also water-resistant to a depth of 99-feet (30 meters). Please note that water resistant does not mean water proof so please do keep your Cartier watch away from sources of water.It suitable for most ladies and can be affordlable for most target customers.

A Detailed Introduction Of Cartier Tank Francaise stainless steel