March 5, 2024
H .Moser & Cie Watch With Heart, Mind & Soul

We should start with Moser in the present day, because for a long time people didn’t seem to think that Moser was the kind of watch for the person who is all about the now. I used to think that too; I first encountered H Moser & Cie in my twenties, and I made superficial decisions about things, as people in their twenties typically do.

To be fair, though, when I first got to know about H Moser & Cie luxury watch brand for sale , they hadn’t yet introduced the Venturer. This collection, with its narrow bezel, domed crystal and slender lugs, debuted in 2014, and quite frankly it attracted me from the very first. Its most characteristic, stripped-down iteration possesses a taut, lean beauty — angled convex fumé dial, textured countersunk small-seconds subdial, baton markers, elongated leaf-shaped hands with tapered profiles and just the very slightest curve to their upper surfaces. (Sorry about all the breathless detail; I got a bit carried away there.)

H .Moser & Cie Watch With Heart, Mind & Soul

The Venturer is a watch that represents Moser’s contemporary classicism. The design admits very little in terms of extraneous flourish and reflects the keen focus of a brand re-establishing itself in the 21st century.

Roaming around the Moser manufacturing facility in Neuhausen, one of the things that strikes you the most is the youth — or rather, I should say the youthful energy — of everyone you come across. This is not to be confused with the high-octane exuberance that draws the hordes of brash Bilzerian Bros. The workshops of H Moser & Cie may be modest in size, but the professional dedication that drives the modern ambition of the watches created in these rooms is anything but.

In January this year, Moser debuted the Swiss Alp watch, an enormously enjoyable piece that neatly punctured our current obsession with connected personal devices. The Moser-produced video that accompanied its launch is a prime example of how CEO Edouard Meylan has encouraged the brand to embrace digital media in a way that other traditional companies have resisted doing.

An earlier promotional video featured the Moser team of young watchmakers and drew parallels between Moser’s perpetual calendar and today’s iProducts — the perpetual calendar was smart in the 18th century and it’s still smart now.

Here’s the thing, though — if Moser are able to position their watches with confidence in 2016, it’s only because they’ve been making the things for so damn long.