April 19, 2024
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Secret watches never cease to fascinate and when they’re masqueraded as a bit of jewelry, a personal and incredibly surreptitious relationship using their owner is made. While known only to you in whom the watch is hiding, the relaxation around the globe can admire the skill.

Cartier revealed this spectacular cuff in the month of January in the SIHH watch salon, imprinted using its favorite feline. The Panthère Impériale high jewelry secret watch is pavéd with 907 brilliant-cut orange, light yellow and brown diamonds, plus fragments of onyx to recreate the spotted coat and magnetic options that come with the panther. The particular watch is diminutive – no bigger compared to panther’s eye – and discreetly hidden away around the gemstone-studded clip that shuts the cuff.

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It’s most fitting that Gabrielle Chanel, the trailblazing French designer who valued her freedom and launched women in the constraints of corsets, must have been inspired through the meaning natural within the feather of the bird’s wing. “Irrrve never desired to weigh more heavily on the guy than the usual bird,” she once stated, which spirit of independence and lightness is superbly taken in Chanel’s latest high jewelry collection.

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The attractive Plume Secret watch is really a cuff bracelet watching in a single, set having a gemstone feather hanging gently on the hidden pink azure dial. By pressing gently, the feather moves to one for reds to show the 34 baguette-cut pink sapphires that make up the dial from the watch. The white gold or platinum situation is snow-set with 2,319 brilliant-cut diamonds and tiny droplets of pink sapphires that squiggle organically over the snowy background.

Captured we had Graff’s jaw-shedding transformable tassel necklace, dripping using more than 330 carats of blue sapphires and diamonds, having a secret watch dangling somewhere one of the profusion of gemstones.

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On Graff’s transformable tassel necklace

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For something a little more wearable for your next party, Graff proposes its assortment of Halo Secret Ring watches. Rather than popping some poison within the cavity underneath the large dome-formed, jewel-studded cover, Graff has devised a method that enables the dome to swivel, revealing a miniature watch. Provided with azure, emerald, ruby or gemstone cluster domes, these unique secret watches enables you to spy time in impressive style.

Chaumet’s Lumières d’Eau high jewelry extravaganza, presented in the Biennale in Paris, incorporated this delicately feminine pendant watch in created rock very, white gold or platinum and 613 brilliant and cushion-cut diamonds. Its ethereal, translucent character is magical and, upon closer inspection, you’ll identify a small dial in the center.


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The only real factor that puzzles use is this: may be the jewelry watch created for people searching directly at the pendant or will it be for the individual? Because if it’s for that lucky individual, the amounts ought to be upside lower so that you can tilt it upwards and consult time.