May 23, 2024

Among fans of F1, the title Michael Schumacher is spoken in hushed, reverent tones, for this goes to some guy who, even just in this contemporary chronilogical age of hyperbole, can rightfully be known as a racing legend and, possibly, the finest driver ever. Active from 1991 to 2006 and again from 2010 to 2012, the German driver won seven F1 (F1) World Titles, supports the record for many victories (91), as well as in 2002 grew to become the only real driver in F1 history to complete within the top three in each and every race inside a season (smashing the record for many consecutive podium finishes at the same time), among other achievements. It’s no surprise, therefore, he was contacted by Omega to become brand ambassador for that Swiss watch manufacturing company, lending his title and influence to a number of special models of the legendary Speedmaster selection. Though no more created, fans from the series will discover that around the second-hands market, these watches represent excellent value in comparison with other lines of used Omega Speedmaster watches and therefore are a very good way to mix two passions into one: racing and watches.


In 1996, the very first form of the Omega Speedmaster Schumacher was revealed by Mr. Schumacher at his go-kart track in Kerpen, Germany. It included a range of whether red-colored or yellow dial (honoring Mr. Schumacher’s newbie driving for Ferrari) and a range of whether red-colored or yellow leather strap or stainless bracelet. The development went from 1996 to 1999, despite the fact that the situation itself didn’t bear the title “Schumacher,” there have been numerous unique products incorporated using the watch that marked it as something unique. The timepiece came packed in a tiny rubber tire that may be drawn apart, splitting in the middle to show the timepiece. Around the right side from the tire was Mr. Schumacher’s signature as well as on the left were Omega brand markings. Incorporated would be a small stand that avoided the entire get-up from literally moving from the owner. It was built with a hesalite very, snap-on back, and featured a computerized 1141 movement. The situation measured 42mm using the crown and 39mm without (this sizing remains consistent through the models). Oddly enough, the movement’s serial number was placed around the outdoors from the rear cover and this is not on the movement itself.


Following a first Omega Speedmaster Schumacher came the Omega Speedmaster Racing Schumacher World Champion 2000 Special Edition. This watch was designated and restricted to 10,000 pieces, which 6,000 were built with a black dial and 4,000 were built with a whitened dial. The timepiece featured the term “Racing” over the sub-dial in the six o’clock position coupled with red-colored and orange checkered markings round the outdoors from the dial. It too were built with a snapback situation but, unlike the prior edition, did bear Mr. Schumacher’s title, that was engraved into the rear of the situation together with his signature and also the production number. It included a choice of either a stainless-steel bracelet or black leather strap coupled with an Omega 3220 movement.


The year after, the Omega Speedmaster World Champion 2001 Schumacher Special Edition, was launched and restricted to only 11,111 pieces. It was built with an azure very along with a carbon fibre dial as well as an Omega 1152 automatic movement. The hour marks, out of the box typical using the Speedmaster, were small bars, everywhere except in the one o’clock position, with a large “1” happily displayed.


At this time, you might have observed a little trend within the naming from the Omega Speedmaster Schumacher watches, and subsequently edition resided as much as anticipation. Named the Omega Speedmaster World Champion 2002 Schumacher Special Edition, this edition was designated and restricted to 5,555 pieces. It featured an azure very along with a carbon fibre dial and also the word “Racing” seems below Omega branding text in the three o’clock position around the dial. The timepiece had an Omega 1151 automatic movement and it was most well-known because of its day wheel. Monday through Saturday were shown on whitened skills, but Sunday, also known as race day, was red-colored. An indication for just about any to forget things fans it had become time for you to stay tuned towards the day’s pageantry.


In 2002, Mr. Schumacher won his fifth world championship, tying the record of Argentinian racing legend Juan-Manuel Fangio whose last world championship arrived 1957, a complete 46 years earlier. The Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow Michael Schumacher, cased in 18kt rose gold with selection of matching bracelet or black leather strap, honored this achievement in 2003. Engraved in to the situation was “Michael Schumacher – Five-Occasions World Champion.” It was built with a black dial and azure very and featured the Omega 3303 automatic movement. It was the very first watch to feature Mr. Schumacher’s title around the dial itself, an appropriate rise for prominence around the watch which was shown by his racing career.


In the finish of 2003, Mr. Schumacher did Juan-Manuel Fangio one better and stated his sixth world championship, making them probably the most effective driver within the good reputation for F1. It was commemorated in 2004 through the Omega Speedmaster Sixth World Title Schumacher Special Edition, a number of 6,000 watches renowned for their “panda” dials.


With Mr. Schumacher’s final title came the ultimate Schumacher Speedmaster, the Omega Speedmaster Legend Special Edition. This watch is definitely distinguished in the relaxation using its first seven hour markers being changed with numbers, counting up the amount of game titles won, ready on the subtly checkered carbon fibre dial. It’s run by an Omega 3313 movement featuring a very display back, permitting easy viewing from the heartbeat inside. Round the bezel are listed all Mr. Schumacher’s achievements: seven world game titles, 250 F1 races, 68 pole positions, 91 victories, and 154 podiums. A properly considered and classic tribute towards the legend.


No more created by Omega, purchasers thinking about obtaining among the watches within this series will need to use the 2nd-hands market. Of all of the various number of Omega Speedmaster watches available, the Michael Schumacher series watches are fairly available, ranking 4th in volume offered on online auction marketplace site eBay, though at # 4, they still only constitute 3.3% of Speedmasters bought from December 2014 through March 2015 (the plethora of available data which was collected with this article). Four watches normally were offered monthly, with typically 14 bids per watch and therefore though they’re only accessible in more compact amounts, there’s demand, though it should be noted that 14 bids can often mean there have been two fighting purchasers or as much as 14 fighting purchasers per watch.