June 25, 2024
New Released: Romain Jerome Watch

Speaking of PAC-MAN, it was actually Romain Jerome‘s second video gamethemed watches this is (in this debut) released as a limited edition theme in 2012. In Romain Jerome PAC-MAN followed the brand’s first video trickery themed watches Romain Jerome Space Invaders and that came out in 2011 when RJ released PAC-MAC Look, I’m sure with the Nintendo timepiece is inevitable. It seems that the biggest problem was simply trying to get Nintendo agreed to license their characters for use in luxury watches – have spent years trying to protect the company’s chief executive, Romain Jerome Manuel · EMCH. Romain Jerome in Super Mario Bros. will further become just a part of the 85 as a reference very limited edition of 1985, when the game is released.

New Released: Romain Jerome Watch
When I laid eyes on the Romain Jerome Super Mario Bros. timepiece, I smiled widely, knowing that Romain Jerome hit my heart in a sweet spot and that I liked the timepiece more than I knew my conservative self wanted to admit. Could I see myself seriously wearing a timepiece that featured an important icon from my childhood? A representation of such a seminal part of my personality development? Yes, I think that I could totally rock this timepiece and pull it off well.

Like all of Romain Jerome’s video game-inspired watches (there is also a Tetris watch), the Romain Jerome Super Mario Bros. timepiece comes in a Moon Invader-style case which is 46mm wide in PVD-coated black titanium. The “feet-style” lugs move with the strap to help form a better fit on your wrist.

The dial is produced using an interesting three-layer technique meant to create a “pixel” look which I’ve always found to be really cool in person. Super Mario, along with a mushroom, cloud, and bush, are all three-dimensional pixel-style figurines on the dial and brightly colored in enamel. Of course, I could wish for things like dial animation or other “movement,” but even in static form, the dial looks great. All that you have to distract you from the Super Mario scene are the hour and minute hands.

Inside the watch is a mechanical RJ001-A automatic movement which, I believe, is a base Concepto. It operates at 4Hz (28,800 bph) with a 42-hour power reserve. Nothing super fancy in the scheme of luxury timepieces, but that isn’t why you are getting a high-end video game watch, now is it?

I don’t think Romain Jerome is going to have too much trouble finding 85 people around the world with money to spend and fond memories of playing Super Mario Bros. as a youth in the 1980s. It amazes me how much of what I grew up with from video games to cartoons and toys are still such a big part of culture today in 2015. I suppose that makes me lucky, since I get to feel like a kid much longer. But it will take some adult money to purchase the limited edition of 85 pieces reference RJ.M.AU.IN.011.01 Romain Jerome Super Mario Bros. watch that has a price of $18,950.